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All dishes served with fresh pita and assorted pickles


Ground chickpeas with sesame sauce blended with lemon juice.
Small $8.50 / Large $11.95

Combination Appetizer Platter
Humos, baba ghanoug, tabouli salad topped with falafel balls.
Small $18.95 / Large $22.95

Baba Ghanoug (Mutubal)
Grilled eggplant, marinated with lemon juice.
Small $9.95 / Large $12.95

Homemade Mediterranean yogurt topped with olive oil.
Small $8.75 / Large $11.95

Mousaka Vegetable
Eggplants mixed with garbanzo beans, onions, tomato and garlic.

French Feta Cheese
Small $9.50 / Large $12.50



All dishes served with fresh pita and assorted pickles

Falafel Plate
Ground fava beans, chickpeas, vegetables and spices deep fried.
4 pieces $8.95 / 8 pieces $11.50

Grape Leaves
Grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes and cooked in lemon juice.|
Small $8.25 / Large $10.95

Hot Spinach Pastry
Served with two pieces of our home style dough stuffed with marinated spinach and lemon juice.

Grilled Vegetable Plate
A variety of seasonal fresh vegetables grilled to perfection. Bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini.



Fried Vegetable Plate
A variety of seasonal fresh vegetables fried to perfection. Eggplant, cauliflower, zucchini.

Mushroom Plate

Sauteed mushrooms with garlic, lemon, onions and white wine.



Humos Falafel

Humos plate topped with fool mudamas.

Small $9.95 / Large $12.95

Humos Fool

Humos plate topped with fool falafel balls.

Small $9.95 / Large $12.95

Humos Mushroom
Humos with sautéed mushrooms, garlic, lemon, and white wine.


Fool Mudamas
Fava beans prepared with lemon, garlic, olive oil, and served with your choice of tahini.
Small $10.95 / Large $12.95




Lentil Soup
"Carnival's Favorite"



All large salads served with fresh pita and assorted pickles.

Arabic Salad
Served with chopped lettuce, ripe tomatoes, cucumber, onions, radishes, parsley blended in lemon and olive oil.
Small $8.75 / Large $10.95

Tabbouli Salad
A tantalizing salad made of cracked wheat, ripe tomatoes, onions and parsley, with lemon and olive oil.
Small $10.95 / Large $14.50

Fatoush Salad
Parsley, cucumber, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and radishes, mixed with lemon, sumac, toasted pita bread and olive oil.
Small $10.50 / Large $13.50

Mediterranean Salad
Traditional Lebanese salad served with tomato, cucumber and onions mixed with lemon and olive oil.
Small $11.95 / Large $13.75

Greek Salad
With fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber. feta cheese and Greek olives.
Small $11.95 / Large $14.95

Yogurt Salad
A refreshing home style salad made with chopped cucumber, plain yogurt olive oil and a touch of dried mint and garlic.
Small $6.50 / Large $8.95


Eggplant Salad
Chopped grilled eggplant, tomato, onions & parsley, drizzled with vinegar and olive oil.
Small $9.50 / Large $12.95

Potato Salad
Boiled potato dressed with garlic, lemon, parsley and onions.
Small $8.95 / Large $10.95

Season Salad
Fresh crisp lettuce with ripe tomato and your choice of dressing, and tahini.

vinegar / lemon & olive oil.

Cabbage Salad

Chopped fine with tomatoes and dried mint, vinegar, lemon and olive oil.
Small $7.95 / Large $10.95



All sandwiches are served in pita bread, lettuce and tahini sauce

Falafel Sandwich
A "no meat" patty made of garbanzo beans, 10 different herbs and spices, then deep fried in vegetable oil to a golden brown.

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
Seasoned, tender chicken slowly grilled on our vertical grill.

Chicken Kabab Sandwich
Marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection.

Shawarma Sandwich
A combination of seasoned lamb and beef.


Lamb Kabab Sandwich
Grilled tender cubed pieces of lamb.

Beef Kabab Sandwich
Grilled tender cubed pieces of beef.

Carnival Burger
A fresh Carnival beef and lamb patty topped with ColeSlaw, tomatoes, and onions. Served on a sesame bun with French fries.

Pita Burger
Minced beef and lamb with parsley and onions.



All dinners are served with two sides. Choose from french fries or rice and soup or arabic salad. Any other salad for an additional cost.

Chicken Kabab
Two skewers of marinated chicken breast grilled
A La Carte $20.95 / Dinner $22.95

Lamb Kabab
Two skewers of tender Lamb charbroiled on low fire with onions. 

A La Carte $22.95 / Dinner $24.95

Beef Kabab
Served with two skewers of tender filet mignon beef and charbroiled on low fire with grilled peppers.
A La Carte $25.95 / Dinner $28.95

Kafta Kabab
Served with two charbroiled skewers ground lamb, seasoned with onions and parsley. 

A La Carte $21.95 / Dinner $24.95

A combination of marinated lamb and beef. 

A La Carte $21.95 / Dinner $23.95

Chicken Shawarma
Seasoned, tender chicken
 slowly grilled on our vertical grill.
A La Carte $18.95 / Dinner $21.95

Carnival Combination
Served with three skewers of chicken, lamb, kafta. 

A La Carte $27.95 / Dinner $30.95

(1 Skewer) Carnival Combination
Any one skewer of the Carnival combination
$9.50 Chicken, Lamb, Kafta / $9.95 Beef

Lamb Chops
Lean and tender lamb cutlets, marinated with special spices. 

A La Carte $27.95 / Dinner $30.95

Chicken Thighs
Marinated and charbroiled. 

A La Carte $21.95 / Dinner $23.95

Chicken Scalloped
Lightly breaded breast of chicken deep fried to a golden brown.

A La Carte $20.95 / Dinner $23.95

Quails (Ferri)
Three pieces of quails prepared to your liking, pan flamed or grilled, enhanced with our lemon~garlic marinade. 

A La Carte $20.95 / Dinner $23.95

New York Steak
Tender cut of New York Steak, broiled just the way you like it.
A La Carte $25.95 / Dinner $28.95




Kibbeh Rolls
Fried rolls of kibbeh, stuffed with meat and nuts and served with two loaves of pita bread.
4 rolls $14.95 / 1 roll $4.75

Humos Meat
Humos platter served with tender pieces of lamb and pine nuts and our fresh pita bread.
Small $13.95 / Large $17.95

Humos Chicken
Humos platter topped with sautéed chicken.
Small $12.95 / Large $16.95

Chicken Liver
Sautéed chicken liver with onions, lemon and garlic.

Lebanese sausage sautéed with lemon juice.

Tender marinated lamb with fresh tomatoes and spices.




The famous middle eastern dish! served with tender chicken and rice.


(Lamb Shank)
12oz of braised lamb shank meat bone. Served with fresh vegetables and rice.


(Green Bean Stew)
Green bean stew is prepared with lamb, ripe tomatoes and served with rice.


Okra is prepared with lamb, ripe tomatoes and served with rice.



(Baked Kafta)
Two kafta kabab patties, baked with potatoes, onions & ripe tomatoes. served with rice.


(Sheik Mahshi)
Sheik mahshi eggplant with minced meat and fresh tomatoes.



(Stuffed Chicken)
Half chicken stuffed with rice, meat & nuts, baked to a golden brown. Served with special rice cooked with meat and nuts.


(Spinach Stew)

Spinach Stew cooked with pine nuts and minced meat, served with rice.




Salmon Filet
Fresh Filet of Salmon served grilled with Tahini Sauce.
A La Carte $20.95 / Dinner $24.95

Jumbo Shrimp

Two shrimp skewers deep fried, grilled or sautéed

with garlic and cilantro served with tahini sauce.
A La Carte $26.95 / Dinner $29.95


White Pomfret (Sea Bream)
Served as a whole fish, fried or grilled.
A La Carte $24.95 / Dinner $27.95




Prepared with walnuts, sugar and cinnamon between layers and layers of flaky filo dough and topped with mama's home style syrup. An absolute treat!

Ashtalia Pudding
A traditional Arabic recipe, whole milk, sugar and orange blossom water, for a unique flavor. Sprinkled with pistachio nuts.

Ricotta sweet cheese wrapped with shredded filo dough. Soaked in rose water syrup and topped off with crushed pistachios.

A traditional Arabic delight made with cream of wheat (farina), sugar and topped with Mama's homemade rosewater syrup.




Kafta, Chicken, Lamb or Beef
Any one skewer of chicken, kafta, lamb or beef with rice or French fries and salad served on the same plate.
$15.50 Kafta, Chicken, Lamb / $16.50 Beef

Carnival Kids Burger



Rice - Small $3.50 / Large 4.50

French Fries - Small $4.50 / Large $5.50

Extra Pickles - $1.50

Garlic Sauce - $2

Tahini - Small $1.75

Spicy Sauce - $2

Pita Bag - $2


Soft-Drink - $2.95

Lemonade - $3.50

Snapple - $3.75

Apple-Drink - $3.50

Water-Bottle - $2.95

Milk - $3.50

Hot-Water-Mint - $2.75

Mint-Tea - $3.75

Iced-Tea - $3.75

American-Coffee - $2.75

Arabic-Coffee - $3.50


Budweiser - $4.95

Bud-Light - $4.95

M.G.D. - $4.95

Miller-Lite - $4.95

Gold-Malt - $4.95

Corona - $6.95

Heineken - $6.95

Amstel - $6.95

Alamaza - $6.95

Modello - $6.95

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